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Technology Trends of 2019

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Technology is quickly changing each year. It’s important for a person to stay abreast of these changes as it will affect both their personal life and their business life. Here are five emerging technologies that are on the radar for 2019:


With the rise and fall of cryptocurrency prices in 2018, more people were exposed to blockchain technology. While it is still in its early stages, there is a lot of potential for the technology. Smart contracts have been created that use blockchain technology in the transportation, financial and consumer spaces.

By being decentralized, these applications will not suffer from any downtime, censorship or fraud and run as they are programmed. For example, Slock is a company that uses blockchain technology to rent bicycles. Patrons can unlock a bike after the contract is agreed upon by both parties.

Quantum Computing

In just a few years, quantum computing will begin to be applied to business problems in the real world. This will be especially important in the areas of materials science and chemistry where it is near impossible to find answers using the computing power available today.

Immersive Experience

Mixed reality, augmented reality and virtual reality are changing how humans interact with both the digital world and each other. This is proving highly useful in situations where two parties are physically separated.

For example, an engineer could guide another individual who is located in a remote area to repair equipment and get it back online.

Empowered Edge

The goal of edge computing is to drive greater capabilities into computing systems that are located in remote areas. Even though these localized computers are far away from their primary data center, they still need to perform reliably and stay connected.

While cloud computing is currently being used, it just can’t keep up with the quantity of data that is continuing to increase. Edge computing has been designed to bypass cloud computing’s latency and transfer data to its destination faster for processing.

AI chips will help edge computing by providing more storage and greater computing capabilities. In addition, technology like 5G will also help drive edge computing.


While the cybersecurity space may not seem like it’s a technology that’s emerging, it is having to evolve as the threat from hackers continues to grow each year.

A list of technologies is being adapted to help enhance cybersecurity. These include deep learning, client technology, behavioral analytics, data loss prevention and hardware authentication. As long as there continue to be hackers on the internet, cybersecurity will have to evolve its technology.